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Canadian Ambassador to UN says Putin threatens entire world with nuclear weapons

February 28, 2022

Speaking before an emergency special session of the United Nations General Assembly today, Canadian UN Ambassador Bob Rae declared, "The hour is grave." "By unleashing this war, the Russian federation seeks to destroy the freedom of the people and of a nation, a sovereign independent and integral nation. This is a war that is fueled by the desire of President Putin to restore imperialism and colonialism," Ambassador Rae said. "The Russian federation has now turned its threat to Ukraine, Europe, and the entire world with the threat of nuclear weapons use." He said there have been credible reports that Russia is using prohibited weapons including cluster bombs, and said this war is "very different from the wars that have been waged in the past; we know what is happening in real time." "All we have to do is read President Putin’s speeches and watch his declarations," he said. "The idea that a group of people are lesser unequal and unworthy of the protection of the law. The idea that a people do not in fact exist as a people." Holding up a copy of the UN charter, he said, "We don’t go to war… we go to court, we go to mediators. That's how we resolve disputes. The other way lies madness." Addressing the people of Russia, Ambassador Rae said Russian president Putin "has underestimated the brave Ukrainians defending their country from aggression, with whom you have no cause for war." Addressing Russian president Putin, he said, "Stop the use of threats. Take your finger away from the nuclear button, and never put it back for as long as you live."

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